Whimsical Tour of the Web #3

SureSure.co.uk - Llecyn project
Deeply felt and playful photography

is the portfolio of British photographer and designer David Rule. His work is conceptually clever and thoughtprovoking, not just eye candy, and with his project “Llecyn”, I find the emotional response is also very strong.

In this sequence of photographs, the house of the artist’s grandparents is revealed in simple views, imaginative angles and intimate close-ups. You never see the actual people, but domestic details build up glimpses and hints of a well-worn shared space. In the process of looking, you scrutinise household objects that seem perhaps insignificant, but might be part of the artist’s strong familiar recollections of past times spent in this place, made more poignant when you learn that his grandparents are preparing to move after 30 years of dwelling there.

The experience is very much enhanced by the addition of some subtle movement (flash animation) in a lot of the pictures, which isn’t always immediately apparent. This dimension makes for delightful and evocative discoveries – I will give little away, as the element of surprise is so enjoyable. What’s more, I found myself gazing at the pictures so intently to find the animation, that it deepened the way I was looking at the still images. The movement includes almost intangible elements like a curtain barely moving in the breeze, or the changing light and shade on a wall. You also have to exercise the mouse a little to find some of the wonderful little secrets that there are. These elements seem to convey all the more directly David’s personal experience of this habitat so familiar to him.

I recommend time spent with Llecyn, and repeat visits are still rewarding.

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